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Propel your startup's growth by connecting with top-tier VC firms using lists of contacts custom-generated by our superhuman, expert team

Transform the way you discover and engage with VCs.

The process of finding the right venture capitalists can often be a time-consuming and complex endeavor, requiring extensive research and strategic networking. Startups can struggle to identify the most suitable investors, particularly those who align with their business model, sector, and growth stage.

Using a diverse array of platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Crunchbase, and AngelList, we curate tailored lists of potential venture capital partners based on your defined parameters. This approach considers factors like investment history, average check size, sector preference, location, and anything that's important to you, ensuring we connect you with VCs most likely to be interested in your startup. 

Moreover, we boost your chances of successful outreach by providing enriched data, including verified phone numbers, work emails, and custom investor research, enabling more effective and personalized communication with potential investors. You can also filter out firms that have invested in competitors and identify mutual connections for potential warm introductions.

Let us help you take your startup to the next level by finding the perfect VCs for your business, elevating your funding journey from merely aspirational to strategically targeted.


"I was amazed at the relevancy of the contacts that the Pareto team found and the speed at which they did so. A super cost effective way to get to your target customers, investors, or candidates without breaking the bank or your back."

Manshu Agarwal, Managing Partner

Manshu Agarwal

Managing Partner @ Colbridge Ventures


Find venture capital investors with Pareto in 3 easy steps

  1. Register with Pareto in a few simple steps. Tell us about your startup’s mission and the growth stage, and we’ll pair you with a dedicated Project Partner who understands your needs.
  2. Begin your investor outreach project seamlessly. Specify your ideal VC profile and let us do the heavy lifting, curating a tailored list of potential venture capitalist partners.
  3. Get initial results in 24 hours. Provide us with feedback to refine the selection and improve the quality of your matches.

With our unshakeable 100% quality guarantee, we’re committed to your success. If you’re unsatisfied with the results, we’ll make it right or offer a full refund. It’s that simple.

What's behind our genius? We're glad you asked.

Pareto experts are work-at-home moms.

With your support, we're helping talented, college-educated women acquire new skills, access flexible income streams, and build careers in technology.

Don't settle for generic VC lists. Join Pareto for highly-targeted investor contacts.

Build your fundraising pipeline in 24 hours, starting at $99 per month.

Common Questions

Why do startups need VCs?


Startups often need venture capitalists (VCs) for several reasons. First, VCs provide the vital funds companies require to scale their operations, hire new talent, invest in R&D, and reach new markets. Second, VCs often bring more than just money to the table; they can provide strategic advice, mentorship, and access to their professional network, helping startups navigate the competitive business landscape and achieve their growth objectives. Finally, having a reputable VC on board can significantly enhance a startup’s credibility, which can be beneficial in attracting more investors, partners, customers, and talent.

What do VCs do?


Venture capitalists are investors who provide capital to startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses that are believed to have long-term growth potential in exchange for equity. This investment from VCs is often crucial for these companies to develop, grow, and, eventually, go public or be acquired.

What do VCs look for in founders?


Venture capitalists often look for founders with a clear vision, good leadership skills, and the ability to execute on their business plan. Additionally, they value founders who can demonstrate expertise in their industry, show a solid understanding of the market, and articulate a well-structured plan for their business’s future growth.

What do venture capital firms look for in companies?


For their investments, venture capitalists typically look for companies with a unique value proposition, scalable business model, a strong team, and a sizable market opportunity. They also consider the startup’s current traction, including revenue, customer acquisition, and partnerships.

How do VCs find startups?


Venture capitalists find startups through various channels, such as networking events, pitch competitions, and referrals. They also actively scout for investments by monitoring industry trends, monitoring accelerator programs, and collaborating with other investors and industry experts.

How to find VCs?


Finding the right VC can be a challenging task. It often involves extensive research, networking, and pitching. However, platforms like Pareto can simplify this process by providing a suitable list of venture capitalists based on their business model, stage, and growth prospects.

Where are VCs investing?


VCs are investing in a wide array of sectors. However, technology-based companies, particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence, biotech, fintech, and software as a service (SaaS), often attract significant attention. Venture capitalists are also showing increasing interest in green technology and sustainable businesses.

What makes Pareto different from a typical research and data agency?


At Pareto, we believe in helping teams get more done with less effort. The same applies to help you find VCs. We take care of the detailed, manual sourcing and screening involved in identifying the most qualified VC contacts, provide upfront price estimates per project, and deliver results in 24 hours that are 100% quality guaranteed.

How long does it take to get set up with Pareto?


We can get you set up and running with Pareto as soon as today. Start by signing up online. Then book a call with our team to share your startup goals, pick your membership plan, and get matched with your Project Partner in less than 15 minutes.

Can I use Pareto for a one-time project, or do I need to commit to a long-term contract?


With monthly membership starting at $99, you can use Pareto for both one-time projects and recurring processes. Pareto data experts can ramp up or down on-demand to support your needs, big or small.

What types of tasks and projects can Pareto assist with?


Pareto can help you with a wide range of data-heavy, manual tasks and processes across web research, data collection, and lead generation. Including building lists of investors, screening candidates, enriching sales leads, migrating datasets, and much more. Simply let us know your goals, and we'll tailor our AI-optimized workflows to your unique needs.

How does Pareto ensure that the work delivered meets my expectations?


We develop precise workflows and price estimates for all projects upfront. Your Project Partner will run all updated project timelines, costs, and success criteria by you before each iteration to ensure our results meet or exceed every expectation.

Does Pareto offer any post-project support?


Yes. Your Pareto Partner is available to address any questions or concerns you may have after the completion of your project. If any results don't match your project criteria, let us know within 2 weeks of delivery and we'll redo the work or refund your credits.

Can Pareto help with international projects outside the United States?


Absolutely. Pareto works with startups from around the world. We have experience in working on international projects and can adapt to different time zones and team requirements.

How experienced is the team at Pareto?


Our team consists of college-educated professionals with expertise in data processing and quality assurance across dozens of industries. We have extensive experience working with hundreds of agile startups across thousands of custom projects. You can trust us to provide insights based on proven workflows.

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Start your tailored VC list project today.

Start your tailored VC list project today.

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