Optimize your language models with RLHF

Our expert-vetted data labelers fine-tune your LLMs with industry-leading accuracy and turnaround times for greater performance. We help you develop and maintain deeply aligned models at unbeatable prices.

Fine-tune your LLMs with Pareto’s RLHF solutions

Improved response quality

Generate more coherent, contextually relevant, and grammatically correct responses by leveraging feedback from our vetted data experts to guide the fine-tuning process.

Continuous alignment with user intent

By incorporating human feedback, your language model can be trained to better understand and align with the intent of the user's queries, leading to more helpful and relevant responses.

Mitigation of model drift

Our evaluators are trained to detect model drift, recognizing when the model's responses deviate from accuracy, relevance, or appropriateness. When drift is found, experts give feedback and examples of the model's issues. This keeps the model improving and aligned with its intended behavior, even in evolving contexts.

Iterative improvement

Our RLHF service allows for an iterative process of training and fine-tuning, which means that the model can continually learn and adapt to user feedback, leading to ongoing improvements in its performance that compound with time.


Our evaluators can fine-tune your LLMs to provide customized responses for specific applications or domains, making them more versatile and useful in various contexts.

Impressions from our community


"The greatest unlock for human data collection has been using Pareto to run non-conventional or experimental projects. Their on-demand experts are a game changer for getting quality data across a broad scope of tasks with minimal commit and transparent costs."

Romal Thoppilan, Founding Researcher

Romal Thoppilan

Founding Researcher @ Character.AI

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How it works


Describe your project

We help you develop clear project guidelines, determine the ideal evaluation team, and set a cost-effective hourly rate to fit your timeline


Match with top evaluators

We assemble your team same-day from our vetted network. If you have unique needs, we can find the right experts in just 3–5 days


Project managed & quality assured

We support data evaluators to deliver the highest quality data with paid trials, expert review and feedback, gold standard items, and more QA techniques

Built by and for a new generation of data workers

The infrastructure behind human data collection is antiquated. We’ve joined forces with seasoned data labelers, annotators, prompt engineers, and crowdwork researchers to redefine the relationship between workers and requesters.

Pareto operates on the principles of equitable compensation, collaborative management, and expert evaluation and feedback. Our mission is to empower talented and diverse professionals worldwide to contribute to AI training.

Supercharge your LLM: Applications of RLHF

Enhancing character models

Representation of a UI with a simplified example of how AI trainers train a character conversation


An entertainment app is encountering challenges with its character and persona models, which are not performing as expected. The models are failing to deliver the desired output, leading to user dissatisfaction.


RLHF is implemented, involving the collection of 25,000 human ratings of conversations. Each conversation is meticulously analyzed, and the feedback obtained is utilized to fine-tune the models. This process results in more natural responses that align with the expected character behavior.


  • Following the implementation of RLHF, the character and persona models within the entertainment app exhibit improved accuracy and relevance
  • Enhanced model accuracy and relevance
  • Continuous adaptation of models to meet evolving user expectations
  • Reduction in model drift, ensuring consistent and dependable performance

Fostering creativity in story writing models

Representation of a UI with a simplified example of an AI conversation evaluation


A widely-used creative story-writing model faces a creativity bottleneck characterized by the repetitive use of “Once upon a time” as the story opener. The model's overreliance on this cliched phrase limits creativity and diversity in story beginnings, leading to user dissatisfaction.


To address this issue, RLHF is applied by generating 5,000 diverse story prompts monthly for a year. Expert human evaluators provide feedback on the creativity and uniqueness of the model's responses to these prompts. Each response undergoes meticulous human editing and rating for accuracy and creativity. Responses beginning with “Once upon a time” are downrated unless contextually appropriate, such as in a princess fantasy story.


  • Continuous feedback and ratings from human evaluators guide the model to diversify its story openings
  • Restoration and enhancement of the model's creativity and diversity in story openings
  • Improved user satisfaction with more engaging and varied story starters
  • Continuous human feedback ensures the model's consistent performance and adaptation to creative expectations

Enterprise-grade scale and quality

Fully managed service

Our project managers are just a Slack message or email away.

24/7 Global support

Our distributed team of experts offer assistance around the clock.


Up-front and transparent pricing tailored to your project requirements.

Common Questions

How long does it take to get set up with Pareto?


Our team can have you up and running with Pareto in as little as 24 hours. Interested in getting started? Speak with our team!

Can I use Pareto for a one-time project, or do I need to commit to a long-term contract?


You do not need to commit to a long-term contract. Pareto offers cost-effective and on-demand pricing. Fair hourly rates are set based on the expertise and skills of the workforce you need.

What measures does Pareto take to ensure work quality?


We create precise guidelines and cost estimates upfront. Your project manager reviews project timelines, costs, and success criteria with you before each batch of tasks to ensure results that meet or surpass your expectations.

Does Pareto offer post-project support?


Absolutely. Your project manager remains accessible to assist with any inquiries or issues that may arise following the project's completion. Should any outcomes fall short of your project's requirements, inform us within a five-day period after submission, and we'll either revise the work or provide a credit refund.

Can Pareto assist with international projects outside the US?


Pareto collaborates with companies worldwide, adapting to different time zones and team requirements. We have experience in handling international projects with ease. Our data experts are distributed across the globe, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable service around the clock.

How experienced is the team at Pareto?


Pareto boasts an elite network of prompt engineers, annotators, and evaluators with expertise in finance, healthcare, engineering, and more. We also recruit, train, and upskill people from all walks of life, striving to create a rewarding career in data work for anyone with the right ambition.

What types of projects can Pareto support?


Pareto is adept at handling a diverse array of manual, data-centric tasks and operations for AI companies. From fine-tuning LLM's with human feedback to data curation and labeling, we do it all. Just share your objectives with us, and we'll customize our AI-driven workflows to suit your specific requirements.

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Get ready to join forces!

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