30+ Startup Tasks to Start Offloading

New to working with business assistants? Here are 30+ tasks entrepreneurs hand-off to Pareto that could save you thousands of hours in work.

Whether you're building an MVP from the ground up or streamlining existing business processes, handing off repetitive tasks like LinkedIn prospecting, email lead generation, and meeting scheduling will help you 10x productivity and stay focused on the critical tasks only you can accomplish.

Knowing where to begin can be the hardest part! Check out this comprehensive list of tasks every founder should start offloading today.

Research Tasks

  • Compiling a spreadsheet of your competitors

    How to ask Pareto: "Please generate a list of our competitors and collect their company name, website, address, and support email in a spreadsheet."

  • Finding funding sources for your company

    How to ask Pareto: "Help me find VCs and other funding sources that specialize in companies at my stage, industry, or founding team type."

  • Sending inquiries to service providersHow to ask Pareto: "Please research this group of service providers in my area and request quotes for the following service."

  • Comparing the pricing and functionality of software

    How to ask Pareto: "Please collect pricing and details on available features from these kinds of vendors."

  • Conducting market research on investment opportunities

    How to ask Pareto: "Research the market size, growth rate, and competitive landscape for an investment I'm considering."

  • Finding events, programs, and conferencesHow to ask Pareto: "Please compile a list of events and add the event website, description and contact information in this spreadsheet."

  • Generating a list of past Shopify employees

    How to ask Pareto: "Please create a spreadsheet of previous Shopify employees (experience within the past 3 years), including LinkedIn account URLs and email address."

  • Searching for product suppliers

    How to ask Pareto: "Please create a spreadsheet of local granite suppliers in a 100 mile radius, and source their phone number."

  • Researching art grants

    How to ask Pareto: "Can Pareto create a spreadsheet with relevant Art Grants, description, and contact details?"

  • Sourcing start-up incubators & application deadlines

    How to ask Pareto: "Please compile a list of 20 start-up incubators and gather their application deadlines in a spreadsheet."

Admin Tasks

  • Taking notes for a board meeting

    How to ask Pareto: "Join our quarterly board meetings and take board meeting minutes on the attached document."

  • Creating a slide deck from template for a presentation

    How to ask Pareto: "Generate 10 slides for an upcoming presentation using the following template."

  • Sending gifts

    How to ask Pareto: "Please use the following list of investors' (recipients) addresses and size details to mail gifts on the date specified."

Lead Generation

  • Finding potential customers for you to talk to

    How to ask Pareto: "Please create a spreadsheet with all companies or people who match my criteria or are similar to my existing customers."

  • Scheduling meetings for you over email

    How to ask Pareto: "Help me schedule meetings over email on a regular basis and use my calendar or Calendly to check availability."

  • Scheduling meetings for you over LinkedIn

    How to ask Pareto: "Help me connect with people on LinkedIn and send them the following message to try to book a meeting."

  • Sourcing contact details for lead targets

    How to ask Pareto: "Help me identify the top 5 product leaders (titles: VP Software, VP Product, CTO, VP Engineering) at this list of companies & add their contact information to a spreadsheet."

  • Sourcing contact information for followers based in LA

    How to ask Pareto: "Help me filter our company's Instagram followers by location & build a contact list (name, email, phone number) for those based in LA."

  • Building a list of 5,000 BD & innovation professionals worldwide

    How to ask Pareto: "Help me create a spreadsheet of 5,000 Business Development and Innovation professionals worldwide."

Data Entry Tasks

  • Adding order data to spreadsheets

    How to ask Pareto: "Use our order tracking software to add order details to this spreadsheet."

  • Tagging and organizing digital assets

    How to ask Pareto: "Help me tag and organize our company's marketing assets with the following keywords."

  • Collecting historic company data

    How to ask Pareto: "Help me collect historic headcount numbers for our competitors, and add daily headcount totals to this spreadsheet."

  • Removing dead contacts on CRM

    How to ask Pareto: "Could Pareto connect to our company's Agile CRM, and filter and remove our dead contacts?"

  • Scraping a tech job listing search

    How to ask Pareto: "Help me find relevant AngelList tech job postings & collect links into a spreadsheet."

  • Searching for company phone numbers

    How to ask Pareto: "I have a list of 300 target companies - Can you compile a list of their direct phone numbers?"

  • Tagging + categorizing user/customer feedback

    How to ask Pareto: "Help tag and categorize our user feedback with the following keywords: pain point, feature request, competitor, use case, bug, onboarding, billing, communication, and quality."

Calling Tasks

  • Calling local businesses

    How to ask Pareto: "Call these local businesses and use this template to book sales demos on my calendar."

Recruitment Tasks

  • Filtering resumés by experience & reaching out to qualified candidates

    How to ask Pareto: "Please filter applicant resumés using the attached criteria and reach out to qualified candidates with this message."

  • Managing recruitment pipelines

    How to ask Pareto: "Please filter our job applicants using these requirements and invite qualified candidates to an initial Phone Screen. Then based on feedback from the team, book the Technical Interview."

Social Media Management Tasks

  • Sending LinkedIn connection requests

    How to ask Pareto: "Generate a list of people and use my LinkedIn account to send them a connection request with a personalized message."

  • Posting content in top 10 technology groups on LinkedIn

    How to ask Pareto: "Please join the top 10 technology groups on LinkedIn. Once approved/accepted, please post the following message:"

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