5 Must-Know Delegation Tips

Ready to become a delegation wizard? When it comes to handing off repetitive tasks, use these 5 magic tricks to help your team deliver the exact results you need every time.

What comes to mind when you think about handing off work? Fear of your passion project falling into the wrong hands? Anxiety about unclear instructions setting your project back? Knowing what, when, and how to hand off tasks is the key to becoming a delegation wizard.

Here are our five magic tricks for mastering delegation:

1. What: Share examples 📑 of what you're looking for 

What better way to communicate what you're looking for than to show it? Pass along deliverable examples, written guidelines, and/or your best practices. This helps prevent the back-and-forth clarifying questions that can make task delegation tedious. Share samples of similar work that you've completed in the past. You can also use online templates and resources that fit your criteria.

2. When: Check your calendar 🗓️ and ask yourself 3 Qs: 

  1. What are my most time-consuming responsibilities?
  2. What are the specific tasks that I'm responsible for?
  3. How many of these tasks are really essential for me to do myself?

Delegate whatever doesn't make your final cut.

3. How: Automate instructions 📄 with Scribe by Cursive.io

Have you ever wished upon a star that writing instructions could be as easy as clicking "record?" Scribe makes that wish a reality. Simply record with the Chrome extension, go through the motions of your task, and stop recording when finished. Scribe will automatically generate a detailed step-by-step guide for you.

Check out my Scribe

4. How: Record 🔴 every step of your process with a Loom video 

Do you prefer to talk your team through instructions? Loom's Chrome extension records video walkthroughs of your tasks. It enables you to screen capture the full task process with video and audio narration. Give instructions in your own words, and make them accessible at any time.

Check out my Loom

5. What, When, & How: Schedule a 15-min ⏱️ coaching call w/ Pareto 

Never forget that Pareto is always here! We're more than happy to coach you through your task delegation strategy. We'll use our delegation superpowers to help you to identify tasks that can be offloaded. We're ready to support you, not only by tackling your to-do list but also by helping you develop the skills to offload effectively!

With these 5 tricks in mind, you're ready to 10X your productivity and tackle that daunting to-do list! Harness your delegation magic with Pareto and get started today! Need help deciding what to offload? Check out the 30+ most popular tasks we execute for entrepreneurs.

Get ready to join forces!

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