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In today’s competitive job market, recruiting the right talent is not only about filling a vacancy; it’s about matching with the perfect hire who can drive company growth and culture. Yet, manual candidate sourcing and resume screening can be incredibly time-consuming and often overlooks underrepresented talent.

At Pareto, we offer a comprehensive solution to this problem. Our expert team, working around the clock and powered by AI-optimized workflows, will take your search criteria—whether that’s location, job title, years of work experience, skills, or even recent promotions—and source and screen candidates across platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, and Google, to name a few sites.

With our candidate sourcing strategies and AI-optimized workflows, we aim to supercharge your hiring process, swiftly helping you find the best employee for your team, alleviating the burden of manual sourcing, and unearthing underrepresented talent. We can build comprehensive lists with verified email addresses, professional interests, code contributions, social media activity, and more, providing you with easy-to-read profiles to learn more about your potential hires.

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"I was amazed at the relevancy of the contacts that the Pareto team found and the speed at which they did so. A super cost effective way to get to your target customers, investors, or candidates without breaking the bank or your back."

Manshu Agarwal, Managing Partner

Manshu Agarwal

Managing Partner @ Colbridge Ventures


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  3. Receive your initial list of candidates within 24 hours (some restrictions apply). Provide feedback to refine the selection and enhance the overall quality of matches.

With our 100% quality guarantee, your success is our commitment. If you’re unsatisfied with the results, we’ll make it right or offer a full refund. It’s as simple as that.

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Common Questions

What is candidate sourcing?


Candidate sourcing is a proactive approach to identifying, attracting, and engaging potential candidates before they apply for a job. This search technique involves various channels such as job boards, social media platforms, and professional networks to find potential talent who may not be actively job-hunting but could be interested to learn about job openings.

How can I source candidates?


Candidate sourcing can be carried out in several ways. Traditional methods include posting on job boards, leveraging employee referral programs, and attending events. Modern techniques involve using social media, applicant tracking systems, and engaging candidate sourcing tools and software to automate the operation. Outsourcing your efforts to an experienced team like Pareto can also be an effective strategy, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the rest.

Where to source candidates?


Candidates can be sourced from a variety of platforms. Job boards and career sites are common places where job seekers look for opportunities. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are also used for sourcing candidates. Professional networks and events, online communities like GitHub for tech professionals, and even college alum networks can also be effective sourcing channels. With Pareto, we will source candidates across multiple social media platforms and sites based on your specific needs and the role’s requirements.

How can Pareto help me streamline my recruitment process and increase efficiency?


Pareto makes your recruitment process more efficient by taking care of the repetitive and laborious tasks that are nonetheless critical to success. From researching potential applicants to gathering their contact information, Pareto can help you save time and resources. In addition, Pareto is known for being diligent and responsive, ensuring that your recruitment needs are addressed promptly. As a bonus, Pareto operates round-the-clock, which means work is being done even while you’re sleeping, further speeding up the recruitment process.

As a manager, how can I leverage Pareto’s service to hire top talent and effectively brand my company as a top employer?


Pareto employs various tools and tactics to provide managers with a comprehensive, easy-to-read list of potential candidates who could be a great fit for their company’s open roles. One key strategy is candidate sourcing, which involves actively identifying individuals who may not be actively seeking new employment opportunities but possess the qualifications and experience needed for your roles. While Pareto doesn’t directly help with employer branding, it recognizes the importance of this aspect in attracting top talent. As such, it’s beneficial for managers to effectively articulate their company’s values, story, and growth opportunities to position their organization as an attractive workplace. Moreover, Pareto underscores the importance of personalization in candidate outreach. By customizing your communication to resonate with each candidate’s specific interests and qualifications, a positive experience is created from the onset, thereby increasing the likelihood of them accepting an offer to join your company. In addition to these services, Pareto can assist in researching and providing information on best practices in recruiting and hiring.

How can Pareto’s candidate sourcing service help recruiters build a qualified talent pool for future hiring needs?


By using Pareto, recruiting managers can get a comprehensive list of qualified people to reach out to active and passive candidates, expanding their talent pool. Our tools and workflows are particularly effective in identifying individuals with specific skills that align with open roles in your company. Furthermore, our research can help recruiters learn more about their candidates, ensuring they are fully qualified for the positions they’re being considered for. This comprehensive data can lead to more effective hiring decisions and a more substantial pool of employees. In short, our candidate sourcing tools and workflows are not only about meeting your immediate hiring needs; they’re about investing in your company's future by ensuring you have access to a diverse, skilled, and highly-qualified pool of talent.

How does Pareto assist recruiters in engaging with passive candidates?


Pareto understands the immense value that passive candidates can bring to an organization. Although not actively looking for a new role, these candidates might be perfect for your pool. Pareto’s candidate sourcing methods make recruiting these passive candidates easier. We provide comprehensive candidate contact information as part of our research, equipping recruiters with the necessary details to initiate meaningful conversations. While the outreach function falls to the recruiters, having the right information at your fingertips can make this approach much more effective. This information allows recruiters to target their approach, ensuring they reach out to the right people with the right roles.

How does Pareto’s approach to sourcing differ from traditional recruiting methods?


Traditional recruiting methods typically involve attracting potential candidates to apply for publicly open positions, often by posting jobs on job boards, attending job-fair events, or conducting interviews with applicants who have applied through the company’s website. On the other hand, Pareto’s approach emphasizes proactive sourcing, where we actively search for and identify potential candidates for current or future open positions. This strategy enables you to find candidates that fit your requirements, saving you time and resources for recruitment. Unlike the traditional recruitment method, this approach lets you bypass the time-consuming screening of unsuitable applicants and focus only on those who meet your criteria. By proactively sourcing candidates, Pareto gives you control over the skills and experience you’re targeting, thereby helping you build a stellar crew that launches your business forward.

How does Pareto use LinkedIn in the candidate sourcing process, and how might this integrate with an ATS?


Pareto uses LinkedIn as a key platform to identify top talent and initiate outreach, tailoring its approach based on the information available on a candidate’s LinkedIn profile. This information could include their background, experiences, specific interests, and qualifications, which aids in creating a positive and personalized experience from the outset. While Pareto does not use an applicant tracking system (ATS), the information it gathers can be integrated into an ATS. An ATS automates the hiring procedure, making it an essential component of many companies’ recruitment workflows. It assists in managing and tracking a candidate through the hiring journey. The insights gathered by Pareto can be used to enrich the data within the ATS, making it even more effective for managing recruitment efforts.

How can Pareto help recruiters leverage social media and other tools to build a pool of top candidates for future roles?


Pareto can serve as a valuable partner in the recruitment process, saving recruiters the time and effort of sourcing and searching for potential employees across various platforms. For instance, social media is a rich source of potential candidates, including those who might not be actively seeking new roles but have the qualifications and skills that a business needs. Pareto’s expert team can conduct this search technique on platforms like LinkedIn, identifying potential employees and building a database of top candidates for future positions. While Pareto does not manage outreach to these candidates, it provides recruiters with the necessary information to initiate contact and foster relationships, making it easier for recruiters to engage with potential employees when new roles become available. This proactive approach can give companies a competitive edge in hiring, ensuring they have a pool of qualified candidates ready. In addition, Pareto stays on top of the latest trends and strategies in recruitment, leveraging its knowledge to find and engage with the best candidates.

How can Pareto assist in recruiting employees who align with my company’s brand?


Pareto researches and sources potential candidates who not only have the required skills and background but also align with your company’s brand and culture. We do this by understanding your employer value proposition (EVP) and using this information to identify individuals who would be a good fit. While Pareto does not directly develop or communicate your employer brand, it plays a crucial role in ensuring that the people you hire are likely to resonate with your brand values and contribute positively to your company culture. This is achieved through our strategic candidate sourcing approach that focuses not only on qualifications but also on cultural fit and alignment with your organization’s brand.

What makes Pareto different from a typical research and data agency?


At Pareto, we believe in helping companies get more done with less effort. Our commitment to exceptional quality, speed, and customization sets Pareto apart from typical research and data agencies. Unlike traditional agencies that may rely on generic data sets and slow manual processes, Pareto leverages advanced technology, optimized workflows, data experts, and diverse data sources to deliver enriched data tailored to your specific business needs.

How long does it take to get set up with Pareto?


We can get you set up and running with Pareto as soon as today. Start by signing up online. Then book a call with our team to share your startup goals, pick your membership plan, and get matched with your Project Partner in less than 15 minutes.

Can I use Pareto for a one-time project, or do I need to commit to a long-term contract?


With monthly membership starting at $99, you can use Pareto for both one-time projects and recurring processes. Pareto data experts can ramp up or down on-demand to support your needs, big or small.

What types of tasks and projects can Pareto assist with?


Pareto can help you with a wide range of data-heavy, manual tasks and processes across web research, data collection, and lead generation. Including building lists of investors, screening candidates, enriching sales leads, migrating datasets, and much more. Simply let us know your goals, and we'll tailor our AI-optimized workflows to your unique needs.

How does Pareto ensure that the work delivered meets my expectations?


We develop precise workflows and price estimates for all projects upfront. Your Project Partner will run all updated project timelines, costs, and success criteria by you before each iteration to ensure our results meet or exceed every expectation.

Does Pareto offer any post-project support?


Yes. Your Pareto Partner is available to address any questions or concerns you may have after the completion of your project. If any results don’t match your project criteria, let us know within 2 weeks of delivery, and we’ll redo the work or refund your credits.

Can Pareto help with international projects outside the United States?


Absolutely. Pareto works with startups from around the world. We have experience in working on international projects and can adapt to different time zones and team requirements.

How experienced is the team at Pareto?


Our team consists of college-educated professionals with expertise in data processing and quality assurance across dozens of industries. We have extensive experience working with hundreds of agile startups across thousands of custom projects. You can trust us to provide insights based on proven workflows.

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