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Just message Pareto your to-do list to start new projects. We generate custom workflows and price estimates in minutes to unlock the time and cost-saving results you need, 100% quality guaranteed.

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"Pareto saved Flok hundreds of hours by gathering and structuring data for our hotel database. The team followed our directions well, and when edge cases inevitably popped up, they handled them to our satisfaction. We were very impressed by the quality of service, level of communication, and promptness in getting our task completed."

Harris Stolzenberg, Co-founder and CEO

Harris Stolzenberg

Co-founder and CEO @ Flok


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Pareto experts are work-at-home moms.

With your support, we're helping talented, college-educated women acquire new skills, access flexible income streams, and build careers in technology.

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Common Questions

What is the Pareto Principle?


The Pareto Principle states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the work. Our purpose at Pareto is to help you focus on the 20% of work that makes 80% of the impact.

How long does it take to get set up with Pareto?


We can get you set up and running with Pareto as soon as today. Start by signing up online. Then book a call with our team to share your startup goals, pick your membership plan, and get matched with your Project Partner in less than 15 minutes.

Can I use Pareto for a one-time project, or do I need to commit to a long-term contract?


With monthly membership starting at $99, you can use Pareto for both one-time projects and recurring processes. Pareto data experts can ramp up or down on-demand to support your needs, big or small.

What types of tasks and projects can Pareto assist with?


Pareto can help you with a wide range of data-heavy, manual tasks and processes across web research, data collection, and lead generation. Including building lists of investors, screening candidates, enriching sales leads, migrating datasets, and much more. Simply let us know your goals, and we'll tailor our AI-optimized workflows to your unique needs.

How does Pareto ensure that the work delivered meets my expectations?


We develop precise workflows and price estimates for all projects upfront. Your Project Partner will run all updated project timelines, costs, and success criteria by you before each iteration to ensure our results meet or exceed every expectation.

Does Pareto offer any post-project support?


Yes. Your Pareto Partner is available to address any questions or concerns you may have after the completion of your project. If any results don't match your project criteria, let us know within 2 weeks of delivery and we'll redo the work or refund your credits.

Can Pareto help with international projects outside the United States?


Absolutely. Pareto works with startups from around the world. We have experience in working on international projects and can adapt to different time zones and team requirements.

How experienced is the team at Pareto?


Our team consists of college-educated professionals with expertise in data processing and quality assurance across dozens of industries. We have extensive experience working with hundreds of agile startups across thousands of custom projects. You can trust us to provide insights based on proven workflows.

Is Pareto suitable for early-stage startups, or do you primarily cater to more established companies?


Pareto caters to startups at all stages of growth. Whether you're an early-stage startup looking to validate your business model or a more established company seeking operational optimization, we have the expertise to support you with the most cost-effective and high-quality solutions.

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Start your project today.

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