We sat down with Kelly Chou, a Pareto user building two businesses in e-learning and data science, to understand why she chose Pareto, the benefits of delegating tasks, and how entrepreneurs can leverage Pareto to 10X productivity.

Q: Hi Kelly! First off, could you share why you're using Pareto? 

As a consultant who works with 10+ founders and wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I needed a way to balance between exercise, meditation, and scaling my companies. I'm a firm believer of Pareto's 20/80 principle - focusing my attention on the 20% of work that creates 80% of the impact. Pareto really goes a step beyond to ask clarifying questions, infer instructions, and produce quality work. They're perfect for people who want to take charge of their lives and be mindful about how they use their time.

Q: What are Pareto’s benefits?

For one, Pareto saves headspace! When we have tasks that need to be done, it takes up a lot of headspace. Pareto provides a kind of reassurance, or peace of mind, that tasks will be completed while we go about our day.

Secondly, Pareto provides a new form of efficiency. Though society emphasizes productivity tools, we still haven’t fully utilized our ability to rely on other humans. I believe everyone should learn to and practice how to trust others. We don’t need to wait until we’re a manager to understand how to delegate. 

Finally, Pareto has helped me learn how to better delegate tasks...

Q: Cool, so what tasks can be delegated?

You want to stay focused on deep work and reduce repetitive distractions. Research, operations, accounting, logistics can all be delegated.

Q: Do you have any delegation tips for founders?

Yes! When giving instructions to delegate, start with the end goal and give context. Founders should start by thinking about what they want the output to be and provide some instructional context to give Pareto the ability to solve problems creatively. 

More specifically, here are three steps I take—1) share context 2) set concrete steps 3) specify the outcome.