Dear Female Founders

To celebrate International Women's Day, Pareto is spotlighting 4 incredible female founders in our community of entrepreneurs. Here are the key learnings from their entrepreneurial experiences.

We should practice spotlighting the inspiring, innovative, and compassionate women in our community every day, but International Women's Day is a time for us to consciously celebrate the endeavors of ourselves and the women around us. Pareto is proud to be a WBENC certified women-owned business, and we're proud to support a network of founders and entrepreneurs that include leaders of women-owned businesses.

Today is the perfect day to listen to the founding women who motivate you and learn from their experiences. To kick you off for the day, we are sharing the advice we gathered from some of the many entrepreneurial women in the Pareto customer community whom we admire, including their sharings about why Pareto aligned with their goals or values as female founders:

"If you're an entrepreneur, you've already decided that the typical 9-5 work life isn't for you. But in my experience as a woman entrepreneur without a business background, it's not very clear what the alternative path really looks like. What's the vision that extends beyond the next five years or even your lifetime? My advice is to explore different things that interest you without letting self-doubt get in the way until you find alignment between what you're doing on a day-to-day basis and what your soul needs. And then, don't get too hung up on the vision — just start doing things that genuinely interest you and allow things to unfold and surprise you. Pareto has been one of those things that I found through this organic unfolding of events. Today, the team at Pareto empowers me to say yes to more opportunities because I know they can support my business operations during high-stress times. It's time for us to bravely pave new paths, and I'm thrilled to be able to partner with a startup that centers around global human impact and creating the next generation of women leaders on this journey."

Avni Levy - CEO of Avni Creates

"Surround yourself with a strong community of female business owners. [Working with the women at] Pareto made me feel at home, like their team was my team."

Catrin Donnelly - Founder of Align (Mental Wellbeing App)

“My words of advice, which I constantly have to remind myself of, are: we must try our best to make every decision based on our core - the internal strength that motivated us from the beginning. That can help us to recover focus in the face of difficulties. When things don't go the way we want, that's the best opportunity to internalize, contemplate the situation, and learn from it. We have to embrace fears and obstacles as our most valuable assets to growth. Pareto reminded me of how cooperative and collaborative the environment of working with women is. This does not mean that women are not competitive but it added to our goal-oriented attitude; we also want to enjoy the path to success. Thank you so much to the Pareto team for your services."

Alexandra Pinto - Information Theory Researcher, Founder of Hoursec Enhancing Computing

“I’ve worked with thousands of women entrepreneurs over the last 15 years advising and consulting them on how to grow their businesses. The one common denominator I’ve found across the board is the challenge women experience in asking for help. If you truly want to scale your business, start outsourcing the tasks that suck up your time so you can focus on tasks that grow your revenue. Pareto helps remove the struggle. They make the process to delegate easy and efficient.”

Traci DeForge - Founder of Produce Your Podcast, Creator of PODHIVE.com

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