Creating Meaningful Work: Our Founding Story

In a rapidly globalizing world, Phoebe, CEO & Founder of Pareto, believes that human-machine systems are the solution to overcoming barriers to global collaboration. Read her story here.

Hi there! 🙋‍♀️

I'm Phoebe, Founder & CEO of Pareto. In 2018, I took a gap year from college to study social computing at Oxford, teach children english in China, and build human in the loops systems at Microsoft Research in India. While abroad, I realized that though talent is equally distributed around the world, access to economic opportunity is not. As a Chinese-American immigrant whose family sacrificed everything so that she could grow up to work in the US, this problem became my life’s work.

Despite the proliferation of online freelance marketplaces, securing virtual work is not easy. Remote workers need to have both prior work experience as well as the ability to communicate effectively with people of different cultures and backgrounds. Though the former can be learned through self-study and practice, it's really difficult to navigate a whole new set of workplace norms and communication expectations. This barrier is magnified if, for instance, you're a work-at-home mom in the Philippines seeking employment with U.S. based SMBs.

Virtual work is key to unlocking financial freedom for vulnerable communities around the world. However, intercultural collaboration without a common ground for communication is prone to frustrating misunderstandings. I founded Pareto to build a set of scalable communication guidelines for the future of work. Our goal is to empower women around the world with economic opportunity through tech-enabled workflows, enabling them to seamlessly work with thousands of startups and small businesses.

Today, our impact continues to grow. We’ve created over 2000 hours of economically empowering virtual work, trained 20 work-at-home moms in the Philippines, and built a humanizing outsourcing solution from first principles - providing flexible hours, fair indexed wages, and a strong network of support.

We're excited to continue helping entrepreneurs change the world.

Got any questions, tips, or feedback? Reach out anytime by emailing support@hellopareto.com.

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