At Pareto, we work to ensure that your team is working at its maximum efficiency by delegating data processes and other repeatable tasks. Our team of project partners, QA specialists, and data analysts work together to deliver high-quality and immediately actionable data operations based on our clients’ specific needs and criteria.

Our operations are specially catered to support growing businesses by performing highly valuable but time-consuming tasks such as competitor research, hiring valuable talent, finding investors for your startup fundraising, and lead generation. By delegating these processes, Pareto users have increased their productivity and focused on growing their businesses.

Whether you’re wondering how to get started or searching for other ways to leverage Pareto to increase your productivity, this comprehensive list of tasks will help you understand which tasks you could be delegating to Pareto to better achieve your goals. Use our templates to begin saving time right away!

Lead Generation

  1. Find potential customers. Build a list of contacts based on your criteria for potential customers. Template

  2. Qualify leads based on your ideal customer profile. Screen for business revenue, tech stack, open roles, ads spending, recent media, and more. Template

Market Research

  1. Compile a spreadsheet of your competitors. Generate a list of competitors and collect their names, website, address, and support emails. Template

  2. Research your competitors. Find more information on your competitors and compile it in a spreadsheet. Template

  3. Compare features across tools or services. Collect pricing and feature details across different vendors. Template

  4. Research startups. Research deals you’re looking into, including the one-liner, description, and other key characteristics. Template

  5. Apply for trademark. Research and apply for a name and logo trademark. Template

  6. Track the latest job openings. Find the latest job openings for a specific role on AngelList and LinkedIn and collect the company and job descriptions. Template

  7. Research the history of a business. Research the founding year, number of company employees in the past year, and names of everyone on the executive team. Template


  1. Find industry professionals. Find the contacts of professionals satisfying specific criteria in your industry. Template

  2. Screen job candidates. Filter candidates by keywords on their resumés and reach out to qualified candidates. Template

  3. Research interview questions. Find the best interview questions for your hiring process. Template

  4. Find people who previously worked at a specific company. Build a list of ex-employees of a company, including their LinkedIn and email address. Template


  1. Find investors for your fundraising. Find investors that specialize in startups at your stage, industry or founding team type. Template

  2. Research grant opportunities. Get a list of relevant grant opportunities. Template

  3. Research debt options. Discover alternative options to fund your business. Template

  4. Find startup incubators. Find relevant startup incubators and gather their application deadlines. Template

Data Entry and Management

  1. Tag and organize digital assets. Create a more intuitive way to access your digital assets by tagging and organizing your documents according to your labels and keywords. Template

  2. Categorize financial transactions. Categorize company expenses by their appropriate chart of accounts. Template

  3. Verify the accuracy of recorded expenses. Compare recorded expenses with actual invoices and receipts submitted in the past year. Template

  4. Remove old contacts from CRM. Filter and remove dead contacts from your CRM. Template

  5. Filter and label email leads. Organize and label all forwarded leads in your CRM. Template

  6. Enrich existing spreadsheets. Gather missing data and populate existing spreadsheets.

  7. Keep your databases updated. Verify, update and delete data on existing spreadsheets.


  1. Find social media influencers. Find the ideal influencers on your desired social media platforms for your influencer marketing campaigns. Template

  2. Find the contacts of social media followers. Find followers on your desired social media platform based on location and build a contact list of names, emails, and phone numbers. Template

  3. Find LinkedIn communities. Find communities on LinkedIn to build connections and share relevant content. Template

Web Research

  1. Research articles and journalists. Search for all recent news articles, blog posts, and other forms of media on your desired topic and get a list of journalists who have written about it. Template

  2. Find company phone numbers. Compile a list of direct phone numbers for target companies. Template

  3. Research industry events. Build a list of industry events with the website, description, and contact information. Template

  4. Research retailers to carry your product. Create a list of retailers that carry products similar to yours. Template

  5. Search for suppliers or manufacturers. Create a spreadsheet of local suppliers and their phone numbers. Template

Bonus Help

  1. Find service providers. Research service providers in your area and request a quote or make an appointment. Template

  2. Find a trusted daycare in your area. Research local daycares and compile a list of reviews, addresses, and contact information. Template

  3. Find coaches to guide you. Find the best coaches and advisors to tackle your business challenges. Template

  4. Connect with meeting attendees via LinkedIn. We’ll send LinkedIn connection requests on your behalf to the participants of online meetings. Template

  5. Find apartments to rent or sublet. Find a list of rentable apartments on Craigslist and Facebook within your desired radius.Template

  6. Send LinkedIn connection requests. Send connection requests and personalized messages on LinkedIn to a list of people of your choice.

  7. Find company offsite locations. Organize an offsite team event with our help. Template

  8. Call on your behalf. Call businesses or service providers to make appointments or collect relevant information.

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