Pareto on The Hero's Journey: Social Impact Leaders in Business

Pareto Founder, Phoebe Yao weighs in on building the future of work through human-in-the-loop systems, the importance of talent to drive culture, and seizing opportunity in the face of adversity.

Pareto Founder & CEO, Phoebe Yao was featured as a guest on Avni Levy’s podcast, the Hero's Journey: Social Impact Leaders in Business. As a designer and podcast host, Avni is an advocate for mission-driven businesses and highlights entrepreneurs building for social impact. We are so grateful for the opportunity to speak with Avni and share Pareto’s story.

Tune in below to hear about Phoebe's journey launching Pareto, all of the trials and tribulations along the way, and how she held true to her mission of creating a platform to support growing businesses while providing empowering economic opportunities to women around the world.

Human in the Loop, Talent, & Opportunity

The Hero's Journey: Social Impact Leaders in Business

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