Today, we’re excited to announce a $4.5M seed raise led by MaC VC. After 2 years working with startups to supercharge their operations, we’re growing our team to develop the best virtual analyst for scaling businesses.

Our early journey

Quality data is one of the biggest blockers to revenue growth. Professionals spend billions of hours each year researching people and businesses, organizing messy data, and managing teams of contractors on Upwork. Operations get held up for weeks as teams manually collect and screen data.

During the pandemic, Phoebe Yao founded Pareto as a virtual workforce for businesses. Her goal was to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses while creating flexible work for women, especially those navigating career and child care uncertainty mid-pandemic. Since then, we’ve onboarded hundreds of customers, uncovered the urgent need for high-quality data, and doubled down on the data solutions customers loved us best for.

We’re not just another virtual assistant

Pareto offers the best data collection, lead generation, and web research services by supercharging our team of data analysts with powerful software. We’re helping professionals get the strategic data they need, custom-made and quality assured by experts.

With Pareto, marketers, recruiters, entrepreneurs, and investors can find niche influencers, source job candidates, research NFTs, search for startups, and much more. Best of all, they don’t need to have any data expertise. Pareto is a simple message away.

We’re just getting started

We’re thrilled to be on this journey with an all-star team of investors, including MaC Venture Capital, Seabed VC, Soma Capital, Fearless Fund, Liquid2 Ventures, Slope Agency, Foothill Ventures, and SoGal Ventures.

Our seed round will fuel a new chapter of growth for our team and product. If the problem we’re working on resonates with you, and you want to impact the future of work for women around the world – we’d love to have you join our team through a number of open roles.

It’s easier than ever to start a business, but harder than ever to scale manual operations. Together at Pareto, we’ll give every professional access to the strategic data they need to grow their business.