“We gel with Pareto and it’s helpful how we can distribute the work easily. The team has given a good response time, communicated in an effective and friendly manner, and been reliable and consistent!”

Adrian Pollard, co-founder @ HollaEx

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Adrian Pollard, co-founderCryptocurrency white label softwareOnline engagement & white label cryptocurrency trading interface testingIncreased engagement and website traffic51 hours saved2,100 USD saved

Adrian Pollard, HollaEx co-founder, discovered Pareto through a cold outreach campaign, made possible by strategic lead lists collected by Pareto’s data experts. After that, Adrian started working with Pareto at the end of 2021.

This case study will illustrate how Pareto’s versatile data solutions aided HollaEx in boosting its online presence, creating engagement in its online communities, and testing cryptocurrency interfaces.

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HollaEx: Connecting Businesses to the Blockchain World

HollaEx is an open-source crypto white label exchange that allows businesses to run their own blockchain-connected financial platform. Their software kit, which includes coin and market creation systems, allows anyone to start a crypto business by creating their own digital trading marketplaces directly on their website. Crypto entrepreneurs will find other popular features, such as price charts, order books, token creation, and trading.

Besides allowing anyone to create their own exchange, HollaEx creates the exciting possibility to foster community through crypto. Users can connect through the HollaEx forum or Discord and find expert help from exchange engineers. HollaEx brings like-minded businesses together!

The Challenge

Despite Bitcoin having already been around since 2009, there is still some mistrust of cryptocurrency, being perceived as volatile, with limited use, and unscalable. HollaEx is on a mission to highlight crypto’s many advantages, from inflation protection to decentralization, and its many new business applications.

Through the HollaEx forum and general online presence, their goal is to communicate the importance for businesses to create a crypto strategy and to connect and outsource operations to public blockchains.

Where Pareto Comes In

A 2021 email outreach campaign connected Pareto and Adrian. The name Pareto stood out, which led the co-founder to further explore the website.

The emphasis on the manual processes needed for a startup to take off caught his attention. Alongside HollaEx’s Account Manager, Adrian found a varied array of solutions that would be useful for his work with HollaEx to streamline processes, save time, and focus on product and design.

Pareto has taken the load off by taking care of the repeatable manual processes, such as forum management, and creating and populating accounts on review websites such as G2. Through Pareto’s customized solutions, HollaEx is boosting its online presence and solidifying its place in the cryptocurrency market.

Additionally, exploring trading and crypto exchange software requires heavy testing. As Adrian clarifies, building a bot takes a lot of time, which is why it is worth it to do these operations manually.

The data experts, therefore, took on platform testing and helped HollaEx understand its specific features firsthand, for example, how intuitive the sign-up is, if withdrawals are possible, and its general functioning.

In Adrian’s words, “these operations are time-consuming and delegating them makes a world of a difference!”

The Future

Scaling the collaboration with Pareto to meet growing needs is as easy as it can be! Each customer’s dedicated Account Manager is only one message away to support customers in finding new ways for Pareto to make their lives easier.

Reflecting upon the future of the HollaEx-Pareto collaboration, Adrian expressed admiration for Pareto’s cold outreach strategy that initially sparked his interest. In his own words, “What you did there, do it for us!”. Pareto offers expert lead generation and outreach solutions to target ideal customers, in this case, crypto-curious people.

Additionally, Adrian demonstrated enthusiasm for the prospect of finding crypto-specific investors. Pareto works closely with the client's needs to find the right set of investors for each startup’s stage and industry.

Your Extended Team for Data Operations

The HollaEx case study showcases Pareto’s adaptability to different industries by providing custom-made solutions that address the customer’s specific needs. Ultimately, regardless of the industry and sector customers operate in, Pareto is one click away to tackle time-consuming operations so that customers can focus on growing their strategy and achieving their benchmarks.

Pareto is the extended team for data operations that growing businesses can count on for data collection, web research, lead generation, and other supporting operations.