How Pareto Facilitated Beaming Health Expanding Their Directory of Autism Resources to Cover All 50 States

A case study on how Pareto expanded one of our client's directories.

“The team has been great, it’s been a pleasure to work with you all. A big part of our strategy has definitely been getting this directory up so it’s been awesome to be able to work with you to get it up and running. Our investors are always so impressed by how many states we have covered.”

Christopher Olmanson, co-founder @ Beaming Health

Insights fromIndustrySolutionsAccomplishmentsTime savedMoney saved
Christopher Olmanson, co-founderDirectory of healthcare service providersData validation & web researchAll 50 states covered in the Beaming Health directory!2,700 hours115K USD [1]

This case study shares insights from Christopher Olmanson, co-founder of Beaming Health. Find out how Pareto’s data validation operations contributed to bringing Beaming Health’s mission to life while saving 2,700 hours and 115K USD!

On a Mission to Assist Families of Children with Autism to Find the Right Services and Resources

Beaming Health is dedicated to helping families of children with autism access the necessary services, support, and community to better assist their loved ones. By using Beaming Health, parents can browse service providers and other healthcare resources, connect with other parents and experts, and even access valuable free resources to support their children.

Having witnessed how challenging it can be for families of neurodivergent children to navigate insurance and healthcare services, Chris Olmanson and Marissa Pittard embarked on this mission to give parents the necessary tools to make informed decisions and lower the inherent stress involved in navigating healthcare as a parent to a neurodiverse child.

The Challenge

Building a directory of this scope and scale requires large data processing operations to ensure complete, valid, and up-to-date information.

The first step taken by the founders to build out the directory was to look for data integrity experts on Fiverr and Upwork. However, Chris noted that having to manage and spot-check the work each freelancer did individually was much more time-consuming than having one main point of contact. Hiring individual freelancers also resulted in uneven quality and overall a higher workload to manage and quality check.

To deliver on their promise to help families easily and quickly find resources for their loved ones, it’s crucial that the data is up to date, accurate, and valuable for the patient. Providing wrong data could break the users' trust and ultimately leave them displeased with the service.

Where Pareto Comes In

Chris found out about Pareto through a friend from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University and got started with a data collection project, specifically, to fill in the holes in existing data. After the first project, Beaming Health kept using Pareto to verify data on thousands of autism service providers.

The Pareto team of data experts searches for complementary data on each of the service providers, such as names, addresses, websites, offered services, ages served, the provider's education level, accepted insurance, and all other details that could be helpful for a parent. Manually going row by row, provider by provider, our data experts fill in the information that is helpful for parents and make sure the previously collected information is still accurate. This is an example of the specialized data operations offered by Pareto.

This human validation, versus an automated validation, is critical for such a high-impact service as Beaming Health. The information is of high importance to the users and, unlike other services, Pareto’s data experts prepare and validate the data manually, assisted by powerful software. Error-free data is always relevant, but especially when we’re serving already overwhelmed parents looking to make the best possible decision for their child.

Moreover, Chris remarked that having a main point of contact was another positive aspect of using Pareto, compared to previous solutions. Users are paired with a Project Partner and need only to give instructions once, as they are then communicated across the team.

The Future

With the help of Pareto, Beaming Health now has comprehensive listings covering all 50 states!

As Chris confirms, the need for Pareto’s assistance is here to stay. Maintaining Beaming Health’s directory updated, even after finishing this first data collection stage, is a continuous process and will always require data QA needs from Pareto.

Beaming Health is providing high-impact resources to the affected families, as well as creating a supportive community, combating isolation, and distributing peer-reviewed information for these families. This is a high-impact mission that is certain to improve the quality of life of neurodiverse children and their families.

Pareto cares about your mission and makes it a pride point to contribute to it. Pareto is also mission-driven and proud to be women-led and to empower underrepresented talent so it is particularly exciting to be paired up with a high-impact initiative such as Beaming Health!

Ultimately, regardless of the industry and sector customers operate in, accessing high-quality data operations is crucial to making better business decisions, increasing the team’s efficiency, and creating the basis for solid business planning.

Pareto is the extended team for data operations that growing businesses can count on for data collection, web research, lead generation, and other supporting operations.

[1] According to the average salary for an in-house data expert, calculated by Pave Benchmarking.

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