“Pareto is a partner that is fundamental to Stackmatix's success. Our business and those of our clients rely on automating repeatable processes to become more efficient over time. Pareto is able to provide automation solutions at a great price with fantastic service.”

Matt Pru, co-founder & managing partner @ Stackmatix

Insights fromIndustrySolutionsAccomplishmentsTime savedMoney saved
Matt Pru, co-founder & managing partnerGrowth stackB2B lead generationIncreased efficiency and 6x revenue growth1260 hours66K USD saved [1]

Building a B2B Growth Engine

Stackmatix started working with Pareto to build up their outbound process for sales. Pareto supported Stackmatix by building lists of leads, events, awards, conferences, and more, giving Stackmatix plenty of options to reach new customers. While the process of list compilation can be more straightforward in some cases, Pareto helped Stackmatix by building databases that required compilation across data sources, or that required some degree of customized research.

Turbocharging Client Operations

Stackmatix not only needs data for itself, but also for its clients. Oftentimes clients need similar B2B marketing and sales lead lists, but may also need lists of investors, influencers, competitors, and more.

According to Matt, not only can Pareto aggregate data effectively, but it can also automate repetitive processes. With new clients signing up each month, Stackmatix constantly looks for repeatable processes within their digital supply chain for opportunities to automate.

Pareto helps Stackmatix with a lot of internal data housekeeping. Need social media profiles for each new client? Curious to search their funding data? Pareto makes it easy to compile data on clients just as easily as it does prospective clients, so the Stackmatix team can focus on the most strategic projects and priorities.

Automating Data Entry and Repetitive Processes

With any repetitive internal process, the Stackmatix team always asks, "is this something Pareto could do?" With highly talented and strategic growth consultants constituting the Stackmatix team, allowing the team members to stay focused on the most strategic work is the most cost-effective option. In any business, there is a lot of rote and repetitive work that is necessary for any scaling process.

Stackmatix leverages Pareto to take care of all repetitive tasks that can be clearly instructed, while the Stackmatix team focuses on more creative work.

Helping to manage internal systems, new client onboarding processes, reporting processes and a whole lot more can be executed by Pareto on a regular basis so team members don't need to focus their time on data entry related processes.

Data entry is the key phrase. We live in a systems-oriented business world with data silos. A lot of times we need to move data from place A to place B manually. Pareto can help ensure this type of data integrity until a more automated process can be developed.


As a result of working together, Stackmatix has grown revenue more than 6x in less than a year and a half and is able to operate more efficiently as a business. Stackmatix is able to do more for clients and for themselves through their Pareto partnership.

Pareto's mission is to supercharge the growth of startups with quality data operations. Seeing Pareto’s customers increase efficiency and grow is mission accomplished.

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[1] According to the average salary for an in-house data expert, calculated by Pave Benchmarking.